ATC Board January 2010 Meeting

Board Attendees: Rosalie Pryor Escamilla (President), John Escamilla (VP), Vera Ferguson (Treasurer), Benita Asher (Secretary), Jim DuCray (Member at Large)
Other Attendees: Mike Daly, Andy & Nancy O'Loan, Dave Ferguson, Jerry Beeman

  1. Election of New Board for 2010

    Officers for 2010: Rosalie Pryor Escamilla (President), Jerry Beeman (VP), Vera Ferguson (Treasurer), Benita Asher (Secretary)

    Members at Large: Dave Ferguson, Mike Daly, Christian DuCray

  2. Argonaut Court Restoration Project

    The group discussed options for resurfacing at Argonaut and reviewed the estimates/info we have so far. Dave F, Mike Daly and Andy O'Loan will work on contacting resurfacing companies to get written estimates with detailed breakdowns. They will also work to identify solutions for drainage problem that may be causing court deterioration. Mike has made contact with ACUSD and they are supportive of our effort.

    Rosalie led the discussion on fundraising with many great ideas. With Benita's help, she will be putting together a presentation packet to explain who ATC is, who uses the courts, and what we are trying to do. We will be doing a dues/court donation mailer with response envelope, putting up a pledge box at the courts, and will pursue grant opportunities (USTA). We will hold a fundraiser tourney for adults (16 yrs+) on March 26-27-28. Registration to open mid-Feb. Andy agreed to serve as tourney director. There will be BBQ, raffle (prize collection TBD), and possibly Jamba Juice on hand (Andy will check with them). Vera suggested a "buy a brick" campaign to put up a short brick wall (rather than a curb) between the courts and parking lot to reduce grit damage on the near courts. Also maybe a "buy a bench" campaign. Vera & Rosalie agreed to decide on the details. The bulletin board at the courts will be updated with all this info and a "status thermometer" of our progress toward our fundraising goal.

    The group also discussed publicity for this project. Mike is already in touch with Jerry at the Dispatch. Benita volunteered to go on HT Radio, and Rosalie suggested going back on TSPN with some of our Jr. Tennis Players. Once our materials packet/presentation is ready, the group will also pursue talking with County Supervisors, City of Jackson and Ione, and service and community clubs and organizations.

  3. Financial Summary

    Treasurer Vera presented a financial summary spreadsheet and the group voted to dedicate $2200 from JTT reserves and general fund to serve as "seed money" for the project. Vera will track all donations for the court project.

  4. Junior Team Tennis

    ATC has sponsored 6 seasons, with 300 kids in all participating. Benita will be league director and reviewed the details for Spring 2010 JTT Season. No big changes except closing registration earlier (March 1) to allow for (optional) team practices to start further in advance of match season. Rosalie agreed to make calls to try to recruit coaches. Benita will create the flyer/reg form and get it on web site and email blast. Vera passed on some input about charging less and not getting t-shirts, but the group felt t-shirts are important and we always offer financial assistance to those who can't afford to pay the full amount.