ATC Board January 2011 Meeting

Board Attendees: Rosalie Pryor Escamilla (President), Jerry Beeman (VP), Vera Ferguson (Treasurer), Benita Asher (Secretary)
Other Attendees: Sandy Beeman, John & Sharon Berglund, Dave Ferguson, John Escamilla, Todd Sargent, Andy & Nancy O'Loan, Jim and Christian DuCray, Bill Condrashoff

  1. Treasurer's Report - JTT ~$2000, General Fund ~$396, Court Repair Fund ~$68
  2. Election of Officers 2011 - Rosalie Pryor Escamilla (President), Jerry Beeman (VP), Vera Ferguson (Treasurer), Benita Asher (Secretary)
    Members at Large - David Ferguson, Andy O'Loan, Mike Daly, Todd Sargent, Sharon Berglund
  3. Old Business

    John Berglund will modify ATC and school ball hoppers with rubber tubing to keep them from chipping the paint on court.

    Cracks are starting to appear in corner where pavement was cut out to fix the sag on court #2. Dave F will contact Saviano to discuss our 1 year warranty and when the work should be done.

    Jerry Beeman will develop a monthly court cleaning schedule for June - October and we will ask the general membership to volunteer (2-4 people needed each time).

    Discussed "tennis shoes only" signs. Rosalie will follow up with Mike Daly.

    Discussed "MLL Champs" banners for fence or mural painted on wall above courts. Rosalie will follow up with Mike Daly.

    Jerry B will reinstall scorecard holders that are missing on back courts since new net posts were put up.

    Bill and Benita have repaired all the lights.

    Drinking fountain supplies have been bought; Bill and Benita to do installation as soon as shutoff valve can be located.

    Pop-up shade tents are broken beyond use. Discussed buying new tents and/or permanent shade structures. Rosalie to ponder and form a sub-committee.

    Backboard installed - success!

    NY Day event rained out but brunch at Escamillas was FAB!

  4. New Business - Capital Projects 2011

    Courtside restrooms, portable avaialble, need plumbing. What about location? Maintenance?

    Front net posts need to be modified with slipover posts so nets can be mounted at proper height (~$500).

    Rosalie, Mike and Jerry to work on list of capital projects for 2011 so we can come up with a budget.

  5. New Business - Dues/Donations

    Voted to increase annual dues to $20 per household, $10 per individual.

    Rosalie to draft an email soliciation citing what we've done, what our project needs are, and looking forward to continued suppoert.

    Discussed changing the web site to take off "voluntary" dues and "free" membership to encourage folks to join.

  6. New Business - JTT

    We may run only a Spring league this year (8 weeks instead of 6?)

    Rosalie agreed to be league director with help from Benita.

    Coaches - Andy O (int or adv), DuCrays (int), Chris V (int), Berglunds (beg), Benita (beg)

    Will organize via email or have a sub-committee meeting to nail down season details (matches April-May timeframe).

  7. New Business - Fundraiser Tourney Spring timeframe. Andy O'Loan will be tournament director. 2-day tourney with singles one day and double the next day. Details to follow.
  8. Next meeting to be scheduled later in the year via email.