ATC Board January 6, 2012 Meeting

Attendees: Andy & Nancy O'Loan, Benita Asher and Bill Condrashoff, John & Rosalie Escamilla, Mike Daly, Vera, David & Michelle Ferguson
  1. Welcome & Recap - Rosalie
  2. Nomination and Election of 2012 Board Members

    President - Rosalie Escamilla

    Vice President - John Berglund

    Treasurer - Vera Ferguson

    Secretary - Benita Asher

    Members at Large - David Ferguson, Derek Madden, Andy O'Loan, Mike Daly, Todd Sargent

  3. Treasurer's Report - Vera Ferguson
  4. Old Business Review
    • Court cleaning went smoothly this year thanks to Jerry Beeman taking the leadership and coordination role
    • Lights are all working thanks to Bill and Benita. We may need to purchase spare bulbs (approx $30 each) as they are starting to reach the end of their expected life.
    • Cracks reappearing in the courts. John Berglund has expressed some interest in leading repairs. Dave Ferguson has a detailed repair manual about tennis courts that he will get to the Argonaut shed so John can read up on the process.
    • June 2011 tournament was a huge success and helped replenish the general fund. Consensus was to try it again this year.
    • Benita renewed web site domain name for 5 more years (total of $120 from general fund)
  5. New Business
    • Fundraising and FUNraising Tourney set for June 9-10. Andy O'Loan to be tournament director with support from Escamillas
    • Fall round robin mixer Sept. 29.
    • Special Projects for 2012: Mike Daly to revisit issue of Argonaut restrooms with Dave Vicari. Rosalie to contact Chris Fuller and see what the needs are at Amador High. Mike Daly mentioned that three of the Argonaut windscreens have deteriorated due to sun and will need to be replaced.
    • Jr. Team Tennis Spring 2012: Registration in Feb, rosters set first week of March, practices until mid-April. Matches April 14-May 19 (6 weeks). Rosalie will send out "feeler" email for coaches. Benita will work on registration form to email out and put on web.
    • Jackson Police Activities League (PAL) may be teaming up with USTA for a fall junior tennis offering.
    • Board authorized Jerry Beeman to spend up to $75 for two large push brooms for the courts (general fund).
    • Board authorized Andy O'Loan to spend $130 to convert the ball machine to AC power instead of batteries (general fund). Andy will get the parts and Bill C. will do the conversion.
    • Mike Daly will/has repaired the sagging windscreen on court 4 at Argonaut.
    • Andy has some donated bleachers that need to be positioned for viewing. Wed. night men to handle. Andy will talk with Dave V about anchoring the bleachers to prevent theft.
    • Discussion of dues (now due!) and how to motivate folks to pay. Benita will list all paid members on the web site (Vera to send current 2012 list to Benita)
    • Benita will draft an eNews letter with info on paying dues, Jr. Team Tennis, June Spring Tourney, September Round Robin, Board Meeting Minutes
    • Andy gave Benita a copy of Argonaut High team schedule which she will scan and put on web site.
  6. Adjourn