ATC Board January 8, 2016 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Dan Klement, David Hopman, Andy O'Loan, Chris Fuller, Mike Daly, Derek Galli
Others Present: John Escamilla, Bill Condrsahoff  
  1. Meeting called to order by President Escamilla  
  2. USTA Norcal Awards recap (Dan) – Amador County’s Junior Team Tennis League won “Local League of the Year” for all of Norcal for 2015. Dan Klement and several other JTT families attended the awards ceremony in Santa Clara on Dec 19. Dan showed us the plaque and press coverage. The award was unsolicited (we did not apply for it) and underlines our great working relationship with USTA Norcal.
  3. JTT Update (Dan) – Dan provided a JTT Update. Participation numbers continue to rise. Dan (and possibly other board members) will brainstorm a structure for a committee or sub-board of directors for JTT so it can be managed by parents and others. Need to come up with a concept for sustainability to reduce the workload on the league directory. Dan has a well documented task list for running the league that can be used to teach new directors. We’d like to announce this shift during Spring 2016 league to start recruiting parents.
  4. Jr. Tennis Ladder (Dan) – Parent Frank Rooney suggested a Jr. Tennis Ladder to encourage advanced and intermediate kids to play all year long. Board liked the idea and suggested Dan or Frank reach out to USTA Norcal to make sure they don’t already have some resources we can leverage to do our ladder. Board voted unanimously to approve up to $250 from JTT funds to implement bulletin board and ladder display for Argonaut.
  5. Court Addition at Argonaut (all) – Benita reviewed the status of various contractor estimates. The complete project is $100K - $200K including removal, regrading and recompacting of the parking lot surface. Dan reported that all USTA Norcal court improvement grants are on indefinite hold. USTA National has told us we might get $10K-$15K but they want to see at least half of the total project cost raised by us before they award a grant, so they can be confident the grant will be used within 18 months of awarding. Sheilah reported that only 4 bricks have been sold and $45 cash donated during last Fall JTT matches. The board discussed the need for involvement and financial commitment from the school/county/city/community. With the project challenges including cost, site problems (driveway/parking, etc), uncertainty of schools merging, and recent Butte Fire disaster, it just seems like too much of a project at the wrong time. The group felt we should let the player demand increase and outpace our facilities, then possibly we would get more community appeal. Board voted to table the project indefinitely. Dan will inform USTA of our decision. Rosalie will draft a communication for Benita to send to all ATC, then we will remove project related info from web site and bulletin board. Board voted to deallocate funds previously dedicated for the project. Any funds already raised will go towards maintaining the Argonaut courts. Sheilah will see about refund on bricks.
  6. Crack Repair (All) – Back two Argonaut courts which were repaired by John Berglund are holding up well. Board agreed the front courts need to be addressed, as well as Amador. Chris Fuller and Dave Hopman will learn from John Berglund what system he used and will put together a proposal for cost, labor, etc and bring it to the board.
  7. Amador Lightbulbs (Dan and Chris) – Two bulbs are out at Amador. They are too high for us to do ourselves. Chris Fuller will contact the school district about getting them replaced.
  8. Argonaut Benches (David) – Bolts and nuts keep disappearing, plus there is a problem with black widows nesting in the hollows under the benches. David Hopman suggested replacing all the bolts and nuts, then filling the underside with expanding spray foam. Andy O’Loan agreed to help with this project. Board voted to allocate up to $100 from general fund for this project.
  9. Recycling Tennis Balls (Benita) – Benita received a marketing email proposing a ball recycling container which allows collection of used balls. When 200 balls are collected, they can be shipped FREE to a recycler who grinds them up and uses them in court surfacing material. The containers are $200 each. Dave Hopman proposed we could make our own, or possibly cut a hole in the shed wall for a “drop slot”. But then we would have to pay for freight to recycle the balls. Several board members liked the idea of having a place to drop balls when leaving the courts, but there are concerns about rain, garbage, etc getting in. Benita will do some research about what options are available and send summary to the board.
  10. Election of 2016 Board (All) – Same board was re-elected:
    • President - Rosalie Escamilla
    • Vice President - Chris Fuller
    • Treasurer - Sheilah Asher
    • Secretary - Benita Asher
    • Members at Large - Derek Galli, Andy O'Loan, Mike Daly, Dan Klement, David Hopman
  11. New Business – Andy O’Loan reported that he and John Berglund have been trying to help with repairs at Pioneer Park court, which is nearly unplayable due to cracks. ACRA has jurisdiction over this park now, so there is a more involved process for any work. Mike Daly agreed to discuss with ACRA what needs to happen so these repairs can move forward.