ATC Board February 27, 2015 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Chris Fuller, Mike Daly, Dan Klement, David Hopman
Board Members Absent: Derek Galli, Andy O'Loan
Others Present: John Escamilla, Bill Condrashoff
  1. Meeting called to order by President Escamilla
  2. Benita provided a brief history of the major court projects ATC has been involved with:
    • 1996 (pre-ATC): Correspondence from David Carlson shows 4 Argonaut courts were resurfaced at approximate cost of $40,000
    • Late 2000: Lighting added on 4 courts at Argonaut.  ATC raised ~$40,000 and ACUSD paid ~$6000 to have electricity brought over to the courts.  ATC received a $20,000 private donation towards this project.  Work was done by Saviano Company.
    • July 2010: 4 courts at Argonaut resurfaced.  ATC raised ~$27,000 (and received a $10,000 anonymous donation towards this amount).  Work was done by Saviano.  David Ferguson and Mike Daly have good records of all the quotes.
    • Summer 2013: 4 courts at Amador resurfaced.  Approximate cost $16,000 (ATC donated $2800 towards this).  Work was done by Saviano.
  3. Recent background on effort to add two courts at Argonaut
    • At ATC’s December 2014 board meeting, we discussed the possibility of adding two courts to accommodate Jr. Team Tennis and facilitate HS play
    • Bill Condrashoff roughly measured the area and determined it is feasible with some grading/cut & fill/retaining wall(s)
    • Dan Klement and Derek Galli contacted Dick Glock, ACUSD Superintendent and he reacted favorably.  They then met with Tim Zearley, ACUSD Asst. Superintendent, who confirmed that two additional courts were in the “master plan” and suggested the district architect could do some renderings.  Dan has followed up with the architect, but the renderings are not available yet. 
    • There has been no decision by ACUSD about merging the high schools.
  4. Discussion of Project Scope
    • Need to evaluate how much grading, retaining walls, etc will be needed to make the current space level enough for two courts.  Can the old asphalt be saved/leveraged?
    • Need a place to congregate during tennis events.  Dan suggested that the back corner near the garden is the best option.  The area could be graded and paved, and the storage shed could be moved here. This would also make access to the bathroom portable much closer.  (Adding new bathrooms as part of this project is prohibitively expensive).
    • When courts are added, current parking entrance should be fenced off, and a new entrance created below, into the main parking area.  Dan said this is also part of the master plan, and will allow easier bus access.  This would also eliminate the headlight problem on the courts.  If possible, one ADA parking space could fit in at court level, with ADA access ramps near the fence.
    • Suggest adding gate access to what will become the center courts (currently courts 1 & 2).  Gate should be added on the bench/school building side. That way there will be at least one gate for each set of two courts.
    • Will need at least one staircase up the slope from the big parking lot.  Near the congregation/shed area is most logical.
    • Might want to consider sidewalks all the way around the courts, but that will depend on drainage issues and cost.
    • While lighting is not planned as part of this project, we should get a quote (it is probably cheaper to do it when the courts are added).  At a minimum, we want to lay conduit and/or whatever is necessary to facilitate adding lighting in the future without digging up the courts.
    • May have to look at relocating the light switch for courts 1 and 2 so it is easily accessible from courts 1 and 2.
  5. Fundraising - While we all agreed not to get into too many fundraising details until we know an approximate cost, we did have a short discussion/brainstorming session about fundraising:
    • Need to create a good presentation with photo/video visuals (Dan and Chris will take some photos/video showing the courts in full use).  Then we can approach various community groups and government entities.
    • Some possible funding sources (not a complete list):  Rancheria, Spinty Foundation, USTA Grants, Argonaut Tennis Team, Event concessions, Pledges for HS Team Sets Won, 1 year sign sponsorships, JTT & HS Team Alumni
    • Sheilah gave a brief summary of ATC finances and we discussed expected/potential JTT income in the future
    • Mike & Rosalie will contact Saviano with our rough project scope and have them come out to evaluate and give a ballpark estimate
    • Dan will touch base with USTA about the project and scope out grants and contractor resources (need to get USTA book on court specs…does John B have this?).
    • Dan will keep working to get the architect’s renderings
    • Everyone discussed the potential to have local contractors do/donate some of the work, such as stairs, sidewalks, grading, etc.  Rosalie will contact Dave Harris to get his input on this.
    • Target late March/early April for follow up meeting on this topic, once we have a ballpark estimate and architect’s renderings
  7. Other Business
    • Brief JTT discussion. One week left in enrollment, registrations are around 75 right now, coaching need is greatest at beginning level.