ATC Board April 10, 2015 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Derek Galli, Dan Klement, David Hopman, Andy O'Loan
Board Members Absent: Chris Fuller, Mike Daly
Others Present: John Escamilla, Bill Condrashoff  
  1. Adding two courts at Argonaut  
    •  ACUSD Board recently met (Dan and Andy attended) and received report from 7-11 committee recommending the combining of the two high schools.  Dan mentioned that the “ideal” HS plans/campus map is available on ACUSD’s web site  Also their “pie in the sky” budget has a $250,000 line item for tennis courts.  Due to the sensitive nature of the realignment topic in the community, it was agreed that we should decouple our court addition/fundraising effort from the realignment.
    • Benita raised the issue about whether adding two courts at Argonaut will relieve the court shortage during high school tennis season.  Andy said that the HS team will use all 6 courts for practices and matches, so JTT won’t be able to start practicing before 5:30pm (just like now).  However Dan did not seem to think 5:30 is too late for JTT to start; in fact many families have two working parents and appreciate the later start times.  Two more courts at Argonaut should help with court conflicts in the evenings between social tennis and JTT practices.  And it will help tremendously for tournaments & events.
    • Rosalie presented info about the Saviano proposal we have.  Saviano feels that two courts can be built on top of existing surface for $14,000, not including fencing or nets.  Fencing is likely a similar amount, but we can get local bids for that.  Dave Hopman suggested we re-use the west fencing on the new court and replace all the western fence line with fencing that is 8’ taller to block sun, wind and balls from going in the parking lot.  We can ask fencing contractors about this when getting bids.  We need to go back to Saviano and get some more detail to satisfy USTA grant app requirements (see item #4 below).  Meantime Rosalie said she would send out what she has received so far from Saviano.
    • Dan presented information on USTA grants.  USTA Norcal’s grant app is 3 pages and can reach $20,000-$25,000 (up to 50% of project cost).  USTA National grant app is a much more involved process.  Both require at least two bids.  Painting JTT lines on the new courts will help our grant app.  Dan will talk with USTA Norcal to get a few more answers about the process.  Here are some next steps/action items towards USTA grant apps:
      • Dan to continue working with ACUSD architect for renderings/drawings.
      • Rosalie to work on an RFP from USTA’s requirement list, including breaking the project up into phases, so we can refine the bid(s) to meet USTA requirements
      • Need a doc from ACUSD showing support/maintenance of courts
      • If the architect’s renderings don’t come through when we are ready to apply for grants, Benita & Bill will attempt a simple scale drawing of the site
      • Steve Russell is willing to help with grant writing and fundraising ideas
      • Benita agreed to get photos & video at first JTT match 4/11/15
    • Though we agreed to table a detailed fundraising meeting until we know how much we need to raise, some thoughts that were floated:
      • Andy felt we could get ~$500 from quarterback club
      • Andy suggested bricks/pavers/plaques as a fundraiser
      • Sheilah will research online crowdsourcing/gofundme options
      • Rosalie has her presentations from last round of fundraising; will need updating
    • Sheilah reports that we have approx. $16,600 in our JTT fund and $3600 in general fund.   
  2. May 30-31 tournament planning  
    • Tournament location…Argonaut is preferred (because it’s a fundraiser to add two courts there).  Rosalie to check that this is OK with the Amador folks (Jerry/Chris etc.) since technically this year’s tournament should be back at Amador (alternating high schools from year to year).
    • Once location is determined, Benita will revise flyer, post online and email out to membership, plus send to Mike for local PR outlets
    • Derek will market tournament heavily to high school students, especially in Calaveras
    • If we are going to have a raffle, Rosalie requested that each board member get two prizes.  The board members are Rosalie, Chris, Sheilah, Benita, Derek Galli, Andy O'Loan, Mike Daly, Dan Klement, David Hopman
    • Andy & Derek will be tournament directors, Bill will help with draws if needed  
  3. Other business  
    • Detert Park – Sheilah to purchase push broom and hook to allow removal of sunflower seed shells from court
    • Detert Park – Dave H said the cross member on the fence is too low and is a safety hazard.  He said it can be raised, but that will take a full day with some helpers.  If he decides to proceed with this, city must be notified first. Rosalie will email Mike D.
    • Tennis Across America USPTR event – Derek is willing to do another event this summer.  He is going to check his calendar and propose date(s).