ATC Board July 10, 2015 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Dan Klement, David Hopman, Andy O'Loan
Board Members Absent: Chris Fuller, Mike Daly, Derek Galli
Others Present: John Escamilla, Vance Wilson, Don  
  1. Meeting called to order by President Escamilla  
  2.  Review bids from contractors.
    • Benita presented a summary of bids from tennis, fencing and concrete contractors.
    • High tennis court bid from Vintage, lower bid from Saviano.
    • The Saviano bid was sent to USTA national for technical review and USTA came back with some issues/questions. Dave Ferguson agreed to follow up with Saviano to get those resolved. Benita forwarded bid and USTA info to Dave via email.
    • There was some concern among the group about whether Saviano's bid adequately addressed the possible grading/drainage issues in the parking lot. Andy agreed to get an opinion from Dave Armstrong, and Benita will get an opinion from Casey Emerson. Dan will contact Dave Harris.
    • Benita will measure and mark the corners of the "new" courts at 120' from existing fence (distance desired by USTA).
    • Benita met with Eagle Scout Addison Cramer and scoutmaster Josh Hansen about possibly doing the stairs, patio and/or sidewalk as Eagle Scout projects. She will follow up with them next month. The group agreed she should pursue this avenue.
    • Dan will follow up with ACUSD's Tim Zearly on ADA regulations.
    • The board roughly estimates the project can be done for $60K-$70K (courts, fencing, patio/stairs/sidewalk, no lighting)
  3. Dan presented information on USTA grants. 
    • The board agreed that we should do blended lines for junior tennis on the new courts. This will position us better for grants. Also want to install the infrastructure for adding lights later without digging up the courts.
    • USTA Norcal grant app is 3 pages and up to $20K (up to 50% of project cost).  They have a requirement of 5 courts to qualify, but it is not clear if this is before or after the grant. Dan is working with Allison Vidal, Steve Leube and USTA Norcal board to advocate for us as a rural community.
    • USTA National grant app is a much more involved process, also up to $20K (though we will not get the max amount from both). Dave F. will work through the technical review (see above) and if that is approved, then we will get the actual grant application from USTA National. The process can take up to a year.
  4. Dan reported on a a National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) conference he attended in June in San Francisco.
    • NJTL is an educational component to junior tennis. Dan was impressed with the curriculum, and believes we can possibly incorporate parts of it into our existing JTT program.
    • We can add the NJTL designation to our CTA and it will put us in a better position for grant monies.
    • The board voted to proceed with becoming a NJTL chapter as long as there is not a strict time/curriculum requirement, as we do not have the facilities or resources at this point to make an after school program part of our JTT.
  5. Sheilah presented a financial summary
    • Net income from spring tournament (including raffle):$2469
    • Total raised so far towards court project: $3675
    • Board voted to designate $15K from JTT funds and $5K from general fund (which includes the $3675 raised so far) to make a $20K starting pledge towards the project, meaning we need to raise $40K from grants, donations, sponsorships, etc.
  6. Fundraising discussion
    • Amador Community Foundation grant was denied for now, but suggested we come back when we are close to our fundraising goal.
    • Similar suggestion for Rancheria
    • Sheilah and Benita presented a draft brochure to explain our project and solicit funds. Brochure was emailed to board for further review. Plan is to distribute person to person, but we may consider direct mail at a later time.
    • Brief discussion of offering advertising banners (1 year?) along the windscreens in return for sponsorship donations. Benita can have full color vinyl banners printed for about $45, or we can require advertisers to supply them (then they will be different sizes, etc)
    • Brief discussion of plaque to recognize donors (Sheilah will look at samples at Hospice Thrift Store and Amador High School pool). Board agreed we should use local vendor JBs for plaques of this type.
    • Sheilah presented info on laser-etched (engraved) 4"x8" bricks we could sell for $100 (our cost is about $18). They will be incorporated into the new gathering area patio/stairs/benches. She emailed more info to the board for review and will ask the company to send her sample brick(s). These could be ordered online; this company is set up to help with fundraising. Board strongly supported this idea. We could raise $8K by selling 100 bricks.
    • Benita will recreate our tennis racket "thermometer" so we can post our goal and progress in the courtside bulletin board.