ATC Board July 6, 2016 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Dan Klement, David Hopman, Chris Fuller, Mike Daly
Board Members Absnet: Andy O'Loan, Derek Galli
Others Present: John Escamilla, Heather Hopman, Grant Fletcher  
  1. Meeting called to order by President Escamilla  
  2. Financial Recap (Sheilah)
    JTT continues to be profitable largely due to USTA Norcal stipend.
  3. Schools Equipment Purchase (Dan)
    Three elementary schools (Jackson, Sutter Creek and Plymouth) attended a workshop March 30 to train educators on how to incorporate tennis into their recess and PE programming. Those schools received some equipment as a result of their participation, but it is not enough to have a complete class set. Dan reports that enthusiasm is high for tennis at recess and PE and would like up to $1000 to purchase additional youth racquets and mini-nets for these three schools. ATC will donate up to 4 unneeded mini-nets out of the shed to help in this effort. The equipment's security would be the reponsibility of the tennis ambassador at each school (see next item). Dan and Benita will "shop around" for best pricing. Board voted unanimously to authorize up to $1000 from JTT funds for equipment purchse.
  4. Schools Ambassadors (Dan)
    Dan proposes to start a new school tennis program called School Tennis Ambassadors. The $250 stipend will be paid to one individual at Sutter Creek Elem. and one at Plymouth Elem. who is helping to promote tennis at their school as per the job description/contract Dan devleoped. Each ambassador will submit a status report at the end of the school year before receiving their stipend. Dan will be the liaison to ATC. Board voted unanimously to authorize $500 from JTT funds for two ambassador stipends.
  5. Purchase of Ball Machine (Dan)
    Dan proposed to purchase a good quality ball machine to be stored in Argonaut shed with second security level. Dave H. agreed to build a "cage" inside the shed to house the machine with a separate lock. Only those dues-paying members who have had training on the machine by Dan will be given access. Bill will build a wedge ramp to facilitate getting it in and out of shed. Board discussed pros and cons of battery vs. electric model. Board voted unanimously to authorize up to $5000 from JTT funds to purchase Phenom Two ball machine and build cage inside shed. Board will discuss virtually how to handle access, possibly raising annual dues to $25 per household and granting ball machine privileges. We may also need to work out an online reservation system if demand is high. The machine would be available to JTT and high school coaches.
    Board also agreed that our Spring 2017 FUN(d)raiser tourney will be held at Amador with all proceeds going towards purchasing a ball machine for Amador HS. ATC will match funds raised.
    Benita will contact Derek Galli to find out if it is feasible to purchase insurance against theft of the machine.
  6. Crack Repair (Dan)
    Dan received a quotation from Erik Hedstrom for repair of the cracks at Argonaut. Erik will do one or two courts at a time to leave other courts available for use. Erik will finish the project before school starts. Board voted unanimously to authorize $545 from court repair fund plus up to $2155 from general fund to hire Erik to repair the cracks at Argonaut this summer.
    Board discussed the deteriorating surface at Amador, which was resurfaced 3 years ago by Saviano. Erik stated this is not cracking that he can repair, it's more of a web crackling on the surface. Chris F is attempting to get estimates to repair this. Board suggested he contact Saviano to find out if this is a surface failure that might be covered under warranty.