ATC Board November 30, 2012 Meeting

Attendees: Andy & Nancy O'Loan, Benita Asher and Bill Condrashoff, John & Rosalie Escamilla, Mike Daly, Chris Fuller, Dan Klement, Derek Madden
Board Members Absent: Vera & Dave Ferguson, John Berglund
  1. Treasurer's Report
  2. JTT Recap - Rosalie & Benita
    • 45 children participated in Fall 2012 JTT
    • Dan Klement has stepped up to share director responsibilities for Spring 2013 session with Benita
    • Discussed relationship with USTA national and USTA Norcal. Discussed discontinuing purchase of USTA National jr. memberships ($20/child) and possibly reducing our JTT entry fee by $10 or so. Dan Klement agreed to research the value added by USTA memberships and discuss with our Norcal representatives and Mike Clark of Calaveras JTT. Dan will report back to the board with his recommendation.
  3. Amador High Court Resurfacing - Chris Fuller
    • Hoping to complete project in Summer 2013
    • Have $16,000 bid from Saviano to resurface all 4 courts
    • Have $10,000 in account and pledges
    • Plans to continue various fundraising efforts
    • Rosalie will provide Chris her materials from our Argonaut fundraising effort
    • Board voted to hold a Spring Fundraiser tourney June 14-15-16, 2013 and donate all profits to the Amador project. The tourney will be co-hosted by ATC and Amador, likely at Amador.
    • Additionally, the board voted to contribute $750 from JTT funds and $250 from ATC's general fund to Amador's tennis court resurfacing project.
  4. Nomination and Election of 2013 Board Members

    President - Rosalie Escamilla

    Vice President - Chris Fuller

    Treasurer - Sheilah Asher (Benita & Vera will facilitate transition at start of 2013)

    Secretary - Benita Asher

    Members at Large - Derek Madden, Andy O'Loan, Mike Daly, Dan Klement

  5. 2013 Activities
    • New Year's Day brunch on the courts, 10am Argonaut
    • ACRA Sports Fair, May 4 10am-2pm at Amador High. Will need volunteers...Derek, Chris and Andy agreed.
  6. Cracks in Surface at Argonaut
    • Discussion about possibly filling cracks to prevent water from entering.
    • Mike reported that the cracks are new cracks, not cracks in the Riteway which would be under warranty.
    • Mike will make contact with Saviano while they are here to surface Detert Park and get them to look at the Argonaut
  7. Lighting Update - Bill Condrashoff
    • Two lights currently out. They need new bulbs which we have on hand and will do as soon as weather clears.
    • Starting to see more failures of both components on front two courts.
    • Voted to authorize Bill and Benita to "stock" enough capacitors and bulbs to handle repairs as lights fail.
    • Agreed to replace both capacitors and bulbs instead of trying to do one or the other.
  8. Adjourn