ATC Board December 3, 2013 Meeting

Attendees: Andy O'Loan, Benita Asher and Bill Condrashoff, John & Rosalie Escamilla, Mike Daly, Chris Fuller, Dan Klement, Sheilah Asher
Board Members Absent: Derek Madden
  1. Treasurer's Report (Sheilah) - Approximately $2000 profit from JTT across both 2013 sessions, plus $200 profit in general fund. View Financial Report
  2. JTT Recap (Dan) View Dan's Full JTT Report
    • Record numbers: 82 children participated in 2013 JTT (Spring and Fall)
    • Dan Klement has assumed all director responsibilities, recommends continuing "bundle deal" with USTA Norcal for shirts, awards, etc.
    • Challenges include
      • Better balancing teams to avoid some teams being undefeated while others are winless. Discussed getting more coach input at rostering meeting, also requiring all players or possibly all beginners to come to Assessment Day. Also discussed giving each child a point rating and then using a draft system to form teams.
      • Getting more info to parents about continuing/additional USTA opportunities for both recreational and competitive players
      • Getting near capacity for court availability. May have to cap enrollment at some point in the future (first come first served)
  3. Amador Court Report - Chris Fuller
    • Happy with results of resurfacing, though the experience with Saviano was not ideal (miscommunications, delays)
    • "Wish List": Bleachers, Fence/Gate repair work, accessibility improvements
    • Chris will work on getting a combination lock so the court can be available to recreational players when school locks it
  4. Argonaut Report (All)
    • Crack Repair - John Berglund (not present) has been doing some research on do-it-yourself repairs. Dan got a quote of $1000 plus materials from Eric Hedstrom in Calaveras. Dan agreed to own getting some quotes and making a recommendation for repairs. However, no repair work can proceed now likely until after Spring HS and JTT tennis (need temp of 60 or above)
    • There are two donated nets in good condition in Argo shed available for replacing deteriorated nets at Amador or Argonaut
    • "Wish List"
      • Benches are broken and a hazard (Andy to see if any school funds are available, Benita to research what benches and shade are available for what prices. Benita will also assess how many benches are needed - currently there are 2 on each court). Detert benches came from
      • Scorecards are falling apart, but Andy can't find that same style that fits into bracket on netpost. Andy will continue to research and let board know if/what he finds. Chris was going to see if he could find the source information and contact Andy.
      • Larger/more permanent shade structure. This was tabled until we know what is happening with ACUSD and possible consolidation of high schools.
  5. Detert (All) Court wil remain locked for now. Mike Daly will research and purchase broom to be hung inside court for sweeping up of the sunflower seeds, etc. ATC will reimburse him from club general fund or court improvement fund.
  6. Lighting Update - Bill Condrashoff
    • One light currently out. Waiting to see if another one goes out before fixing. All supplies on hand. Relay inside breaker box failed this summer and was fixed.
  7. USTA Summer Jr. Tennis Travelling League (Andy)
    Andy is committed to one more season (intermediate and advanced players). Kids have had a terrific time making to Fresno playoffs the past couple of years. Andy thanked ATC for supporting the program with entry fees.
  8. Nomination and Election of 2014 Board Members (unanimous by slate)

    President - Rosalie Escamilla

    Vice President - Chris Fuller

    Treasurer - Sheilah Asher

    Secretary - Benita Asher

    Members at Large - Derek Madden, Andy O'Loan, Mike Daly, Dan Klement

  9. 2014 Planned Activities
    • New Year's Day brunch on the courts, 10am Argonaut
    • Spring Tourney at Argonaut to benefit ATC's General Fund. May 31 - June 1.
  10. Adjourn