ATC Board December 7, 2016 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Dan Klement, David Hopman, Andy O'Loan, Chris Fuller, Mike Daly, Derek Galli
Others Present: John Escamilla, Bill Condrsahoff, Daniel Yim, Grant & Janyce Fletcher  
  1. Meeting called to order by President Escamilla  
  2. The Board received a favorable financial report from Treasurer Sheilah Asher. 
  3. Board unanimously approved renewing domain name for 5 years (or longer if possible) for $21.50/yr
  4. Board unanimously approved the purchase of two sets of metal court number signs (#1-#4). One set for Amador Courts and a second set for Argonaut so court numbering will be visible from all angles. Benita will order from previous vendor. Payment from JTT funds.
  5. Board discussed usage/demand/fee structure for new ball machine. David Hopman has agreed to do “on demand” training for interested parties. All agreed it would be good to publicize and offer a group training session in the Spring to promote interest.
  6. Plans for Spring 2017 FUN(d)Raiser Tournament at Amador HS May 20-21, 2017. We will be adding a junior division, Dan K will be in charge of that. Benita will handle flyer and publicity, Rosalie will receive and tally the registrations. Chris F. will serve as tournament director. Since Chris F may acquire access to a ball machine for Amador, he requested that tournament profits be designated for court repairs at Amador. The Board agreed.
  7. Chris F reported that Amador County Recreation Agency wants to offer a (paid) class series for adult beginners. Board agreed to support this effort and Derek, Andy and Chris are willing to instruct. Chris F. will work out more details with Josh Smart at ACRA and report back to the board. If there is not enough interest, the class would not happen.
  8. Board discussed the return of the cracks at Argonaut despite the recent repairs. Apparently the repairs were done at the wrong time of year (when the cracks were small). There was no warranty. The group discussed various options for the future repair, upkeep and replacement of courts. Derek will contact USPTA national to get some recommendations for court repair. Benita will research the Riteway system that Saviano used in summer 2010 at Argonaut, since those areas seem to be holding up well. Benita will also contact John B to find out more details about his repairs, which are holding up well. Chris F reported that 12-14 years ago ACUSD paid for Amador courts repaving and resurfacing. It was suggested that ATC should do periodic presentations to ACUSD board to lobby for some supporting funds. Rosalie will work with Andy, Chris and Dan to craft a presentation touting ATC’s contributions to the schools and present it to ACUSD at a board meeting before the end of the school year.
  9. Dan K presented information on blended lines for 60’ junior (intermediate) play. This is the international standard and Dan is confident ATC can get grants from USTA to do the striping. Dan, Chris and Rosalie reported having played on courts with blended lines and the lines did not interfere with regulation play. Chris F pointed out that the lines could even be used as an aide in training/drills for the high school teams. The Board agreed to the concept of adding blended lines at Amador, Argonaut and Detert. This will allow intermediate JTT teams to practice at any location. Dan will pursue funding, getting permission from the schools and the City of Jackson, and getting a recommendation on a contractor to apply the blended lines. Based on photos Dan presented, several agreed they prefer a darker shade for the blended lines rather than lighter. 
  10. Election of board for 2017
    • President – David Hopman
    • Vice President – Grant Fletcher (President-Elect for 2018)
    • Past President – Rosalie Escamilla
    • Treasurer – Sheilah Asher
    • Secretary – Benita Asher
    • Members at Large – Derek Galli, Andy O’Loan, Mike Daly, Dan Klement, Chris Fuller, Daniel Yim, Janyce Fletcher  
  11. Meeting Adjourned by new president David Hopman