ATC Board December 16, 2017 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Dan Klement, David Hopman, Chris Fuller, Grant & Janyce Fletcher
Board Members Absent: Derek Galli, Daniel Yim, Andy O'Loan
Others Present: John Escamilla, Bill Condrashoff, James Escamilla  
  1. Meeting called to order by President Hopman  
  2. The Board received a favorable financial report from Treasurer Sheilah Asher. 
    • JTT stipends are lower than they used to be.
    • Jotform and Paypal fees do add up, but the benefit of having online registration and payment is worth it.
    • Sheilah will send invoices for 2018 ball machine fee renewals.
    • Board decided that it is our job to inform new players about annual dues, and that the money is used solely for court improvements.
  3. Board discussed the condition of the courts at Amador and Argonaut.
    • Chris F got a quote from A&B Asphalt (Sacramento) of $48,000/court for a thicker rubberized surface with 25 year guarantee.
    • Rosalie/Grant will work on finding out about Kirkwood's resurfacing.
    • Grant F will work on leads for resurfacing and blended lines through Sparetime Twin Arbors club.
    • Decision was made to wait to pursue blended 60' lines and do it at time of resurfacing. Dan felt that USTA grant money should be available for this and it will not cost anything extra.
    • Rosalie will begin updating her fundraising presentation for city councils, school board etc. with support from Benita for data.
    • Grant and Chris F will work on cost numbers to incorporate into the presentation so we can not only present what we've done but what we want to accomplish in the future.
    • ATC will present to school board and also meet with new superintendent and business manager Jared Critchfield.
    • Chris Villarreal is working with City of SC to get trees pruned that are dropping leaves on Amador courts.
    • Old Argonaut light fixtures are in storage at school district. Jerry B may want some of them for Moke Hill court, but otherwise the board agreed to let the school district deal with disposing the old fixtures and bulbs.
  4. JTT Update
    • Fall participation numbers were down a bit. Huge thank you to Jim Baldwin for keeping HS players involved with coaching and also Jim and Grant for great team spirit and energy.
    • Challenges continue with USTA Norcal affiliation, particularly with parents having to now purchase their kids' USTA memberships directly. Dan and Benita will make decision on continuing the affilation once 2018 costs & stipends are known.
    • Need to identify successor for league director. Dan will be moving on to focus on high school tennis in 2-3 years. Benita will not do the director job alone.
    • Spring 2018 Season will be 7 weeks: April 7 - May 19
  5. Schools program
    • Dan presented figures on which schools have participated and what equipment they have.
    • Ambassador program will take a break this school year and return in 2018-19 school year.
  6. Spring 2018 FUN(d)Raiser Tournament will be at Argonaut HS Memorial Day weekend May 26-27, 2018. Similar format to past years.
  7. New Year' Brunch on the Courts round robin is a go. 10am at Argonaut, weather permitting. Bring a brunch dish to share.
  8. Election of board for 2018
    • President – Grant Fletcher
    • Vice President – David Hopman
    • Treasurer – Sheilah Asher
    • Secretary – Benita Asher
    • Members at Large – Andy O’Loan, Rosalie Escamilla, John Escamilla, Dan Klement, Chris Fuller, Daniel Yim, Janyce Fletcher, Bill Condrashoff  
  9. Remembering Mike Daly
    • Board fully supported Rosalie's idea to rename Detert court the Michael Daly Memorial Tennis Court. Rosalie will get pricing on a sign for the fence as well as a plaque describing Mike's contribution to tennis in our community.
    • Chris F will see if Dave Harris will build a stone base for the plaque.
    • Rosalie will get this item on City of Jackson council agenda for permission/cost sharing discussion.
    • Board voted to donate 25% of profits from each year's Spring tournament to Mike Daly's scholarship fund at Amador Community Foundation. This will continue for 5 years and then will be reviewed.
  10. Meeting Adjourned