ATC Board December 12, 2018 Meeting

Board Members Present: Benita Asher, Sheilah Asher, Rosalie Escamilla, Dan Klement, David Hopman, Chris Fuller, Bill Condrashoff, John Escamilla
Board Members Absent: Grant & Janyce Fletcher, Daniel Yim, Andy O'Loan
Others Present: Dan Hebert, Christian DuCray, Jill James  
  1. Meeting called to order by Secretary Benita Asher  
  2. Election of New Officers. The following board was elected for 2019:
    • President – Rosalie Escamilla
    • Vice President – Bill Condrashoff
    • Treasurer - Sheilah Asher
    • Secretary - Benita Asher
    • Members at Large - Andy O'Loan, Dan Klement, Christian DuCray, Chris Fuller, David Hopman, Jill James, John Escamilla
  3. The Board received a favorable financial report from Treasurer Sheilah Asher. 
    • Bank account balances are healthy
    • Board voted to authorize Chris Fuller to purchase 4 new nets for Amador HS from the Amador Court Improvement designated fund. If cost exceeds that fund, up to $500 can be taken from General Fund.
    • Benita will send an email reminder to general membership about annual dues and ball machine fees (due by 1/31/19).
  4. Ball machine
    • Board discussed ball replacement costs/frequency/options. Board voted to authorize David Hopman to purchase 2 cases of regular balls from general fund to go into the ball machine now. Once Christian DuCray gets settled in as the new Argonaut HS coach, he hopes to partner with ATC to use the ball machine for the Argo HS team, and will research balls with best longevity (pressureless?) for ball machine use. He will provide pricing and a cost-sharing proposal to the board for the next ball replacement cycle (likely May-June 2019).
    • David Hopman will continue as the ball machine trainer/coordinator and will change the combination on the ball machine cage lock at end of January 2019, so only those who have paid for 2019 will have access.
    • Rosalie will contact Vance Wilson and explain the board’s ball replacement policy and ask that he not remove any balls from the machine in the future without contacting ATC board first.
  5. Pickleball
    • Benita presented comments from a Fiddletown resident regarding the sharing of the Fiddletown tennis court with pickleball players. Board agreed that since we have no jurisdiction over the Fiddletown court, that resident should take up his issues with the county or ACRA or whoever is responsible for that court.
    • Drop-in pickleball is now being played 4 days per week at Daly Court at Detert Park (where there are two courts of permanent, blended pickleball lines). Although the group is sometimes larger than Daly Court can accommodate, they are making do. The pickleball group is flexible and willing to use blended junior tennis lines for pickleball (assuming blended junior lines are part of the Argonaut crack repair/court repainting).
    • Benita is willing to keep the drop in pickleball info updated on ATC’s web site as long as that info is provided to her.
    • Rosalie has identified a volunteer to remove the remaining tape on the courts at Argonaut.
  6. Amador & Argonaut Facilities
    • Board discussed repairs at Argonaut: Benita has spoken with Jared Critchfield at ACUSD. He has identified developer funding for Riteway crack repair in Summer 2019 (we have a ~$37K bid dated 1/17/2018 for all 4 courts through Bruce Sheldon, Tennis Court Specialists). Benita has also spoken with Facilities Director Robert Milligan to introduce ATC and emphasize the importance of getting on Bruce Sheldon’s calendar now (target timeframe for repairs is June-July 2019). Dan K knows Robert Milligan and will set up a meeting with Dan K, Benita and Christian to keep the project at the forefront.
    • Dan K gave insight into ACUSD’s current financial difficulties. The district is in the throes of large budget cuts and since Measure A did not pass, really only has developer fees as a revenue stream. Those funds are now being stretched to do facilities projects.
    • Christian asked that we consider fixing the two older “crank style” net posts when the crack repair work is done. We will ask Bruce Sheldon for a bid on the net post work when he comes out to update his crack repair quote. At that time the board will assess whether ATC needs to partially fund the project. It is crucial ACUSD’s portion stay under $45K, so they don’t have to go through a public bidding process.
    • Board agreed that blended junior tennis lines should be added to Argonaut at the time of repainting. Dan K feels we can get USTA grant reimbursement for this portion of the work.
    • Board discussed repairs at Amador HS: About a year ago, Chris F. got a bid of approx. $180K-$200K to tear out and replace all 4 courts, or to do a matting overlay with a 25 year guarantee. ACUSD is hopeful they can come up with the funding to do this project, but are targeting Summer 2020. Board discussed whether any “stop gap” repairs are possible to tide the courts over until the major work is done. Board agreed to have Bruce Sheldon give his professional opinion on interim repairs when he comes out to re-assess Argonaut. Board also agreed that drainage work from the hillside (back courts) should be part of any future project at Amador.
  7. JTT Update/Discussion of Transition Plan.
    • Spring 2019 is Dan and Benita’s last season as co-directors. For transition purposes, they have created a job description and director handbook that gives a blueprint for running the league. Benita presented a financial summary of JTT for the last 5 years. Board voted to approve a stipend of $1000 per season to hire a new league director.
    • Benita will add language to the director handbook that any changes to JTT fee structure, or any expenditures over $300 must be approved in advance by the board. This policy may change over time as the league director becomes more established and experienced.
    • Dan K and Benita are willing to mentor a new director and would like to do that in Spring. In other words, we need to hire the new director ASAP.
    • Benita is willing to continue a few specific JTT tasks such as web site updates, email list maintenance and other duties to be agreed upon with the new director.
    • Benita and Dan K will email the director handbook, job description and $1000/season stipend info to a short list of possible candidates that Dan has identified. New director hiring is subject to interview/review by the board.
  8. Spring Tourney Planning
    • Board tentatively set May 18-19 at Amador HS for our annual FUN(d)raiser tournament.
    • Chris Fuller & his co-coaches, parents and HS team will manage concessions, etc with assist from Rosalie and Andy O’Loan
  9. ATC’s annual New Year’s Brunch on the Courts is a go, weather permitting. 10am at Argonaut on January 1, bring a brunch item to share.
  10. Meeting Adjourned