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2009 Local Rapid Rally Champs
Rapid Rally participants get instructions
2008 Local Rapid Rally Ribbon Winners
2008 Rapid Rally Winners Sarah Daly, Meghan Daly, Hank Armstrong and Justin Maciel
The fourth annual Rapid Rally Tennis Competition, part of the Junior Olympic Skills, was held at Detert Park on May 9th. Rapid Rally tests how well children ages 8-13 can serve a low-compression tennis ball and continue to hit against a wall above the net line as many times as possible in 30 seconds. The event is FREE and no pre-registration is necessary.

Sebastien Dumesnil-Fernandez, Brady Eckhart, and longtime Rapid Rally star Justin Maciel each won their age groups. They advanced to the Regional Competition in Sacramento. Winners at Regionals will have their scores ranked with thousands of competitors from across the nation to determine who will earn an all-expenses paid trip to the national championships in July. In 2006, Jackson's own Sarah Daly earned a silver medal at nationals in Colorado

The 2010 competition date has not been set yet, but you can read the rules and start practicing for next year!