Whether you can start right away or you aren't able to check it out for a while, be sure to add yourself to the program-specific email list so you can stay up-to-date!



For questions, contact

Program Coordinator, Donna Sammons: donnabohlin@yahoo.com










Program is ongoing, so check it out at any time!




Beginner & Novice Adults (including young adults and high school players) who want to learn tennis AND returning players who may be a little rusty and want to get back into the 'swing' of things. No previous experience necessary!



Fun, fun, and MORE FUN!!

Weekly drop-in tennis practice and/or match play.

Simply show up and hit tennis balls with fellow tennis-lovers in our area who also play at a the beginning/novice level. 


You can choose to play matches, rally for points, or feed balls to each other in order to work on specific strokes and shots.


For the first few meetups (for those who need it), Program Coordinator Donna Sammons and Local Coach/JTT League Director Lyndsey Sammons will be there to welcome you, help answer questions, demonstrate basic technique, grips, match play, and other fun rally games you can incorporate into your practices (and pass along to new players who join later!)



Every Sunday 6-7:30pm (no end date, weekly meetups will be ongoing).


For those hot summer nights that just wont cool down, start time may be pushed out.

If we experience fire season smoke with unsafe AQI levels, it will be canceled.

In either case, you will receive an email notification.

Again, be sure to join the program-specific email list by clicking the green button.



Amador High School Tennis Courts

All 4 Courts will be reserved for the ATC Beginner/Novice Program! (signage will be posted)



Sunday Night Weekly Drop-ins are free!


Come and check it out for a couple weeks - after that, in order to support current and future program offerings such as this, we encourage you to Join the Amador Tennis Club as a member ($20 per-year). Click here for additional membership info. 




One Sunday a month, within the usual meetup time, a local Tennis Instructor will host an (optional) clinic/group class for a small fee. 


Each month, those on the program-specific email list will receive a sign-up link to reserve their spot. Spaces will be limited. These opportunities will only be shared with those on the Beginner/Novice email list, so CLICK THIS LINK and get yourself on it ASAP! 





Need a racquet or not sure what to purchase? We have you covered! We'll have a few loaner racquets you can borrow on Sunday nights until you learn what you need to purchase.



If you are playing matches, please bring your own can of balls each week. As a courtesy, it's common to take turns opening a new can so one person isn't always providing balls. A hopper of balls will be available to practice serves and feed balls to each other.


What to Wear/Bring:

Smooth rubber-soled athletic shoes. Low/no tread is better than high-tread "waffle type" running shoes, which can be "sticky" and easier to turn an ankle. No boots, crocks, flip flops, sandals, etc.


Pants/shorts/skirts with pockets or a place to hold extra balls. This is VERY important.


Bring sunscreen, hats, and plenty of water as Amador does not have a fountain.



We look forward to welcoming you on the courts! Be prepared to get hooked on tennis!